2015 Ford Transit Magazine Ad

  • Name 2015 Ford Transit Magazine Ad
  • Category Consumer ReviewsMagazinePhotography
  • Year 2015

The 2015 Ford Transit offers “The Most Vehicle Configuration in it’s Class.” Full Circle Group (FCG) was responsible for creative services, coordinating a photo shoot and writing content for the magazine advertorial. The purpose of the advertorial was to provide consumers with information about the key features of the 15-passenger transit van and wagon. In addition to creative services, FCG provided editorial recommendations.

FCG’s team test drove 5 different models of the Ford Transit to ensure we were familiar with the capabilities. FCG coordinated a photo shoot and captured video footage of the interior and exterior of the vehicles. Our creative team worked with the Atlanta Business Journal staff to ensure we focused on features that would resonate with their readership. A version of the ad was also developed for online distribution.